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If you’re on a budget, a simple laminate countertop may be the way to go. It’s a durable, affordable option that costs about $40 to $50 per square foot, depending on your choice of finish. The additional cost of installing the countertop is about $60 to $75 per linear foot. The price does not include installation, which is typically done by a home remodeling professional. If you’re a serious cook or simply want to keep the kitchen germ-free, a stainless-steel countertop could be perfect for you.

Your kitchen countertop material can vary, so choosing one that matches your style can be difficult. Natural stone, quartz, and laminate are some of the more popular materials, though you can choose a more sustainable option if you want to be environmentally conscious. Whether you decide to go natural or man-made, the countertop should coordinate with the rest of the room. Choose colors that match other parts of the room, as dark-toned countertops can wash out the rest of the room.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, consider a plastic laminate countertop. They’re budget-friendly and can mimic natural stone. Although these countertops are easy to install, they do have their drawbacks, such as being prone to scratches and chipping. If you’re not sure what material is best for you, try soapstone. This stone is also known for its durability. You can also opt for a reclaimed wooden countertop, which is a popular choice in the country style of kitchens.

If you’re on a budget, quartz is a great option. It comes in an unlimited array of colors and patterns and is easy to maintain. Unlike granite and marble, quartz is durable and requires minimal maintenance. You’ll still need to protect your countertop from heat. Hot dishes, for example, should not be placed on it. Quartz countertops can be purchased at a local store or online. If you decide to go with quartz, make sure to shop around first before choosing a type of countertop.

The cost of a soapstone countertop depends on how thick the stone is and its grade. Soapstone countertops are affordable, but they are still not the most expensive natural stone option. You should also consider their ease of care and their cost-per-square-foot. This option is best for people who love the natural stone look and want to save a little money. A soapstone countertop isn’t the cheapest material, but it is the least expensive of the natural stones.

Another option is marble. While it is not as durable as granite, marble can be difficult to cut. In addition, marble is porous, which makes it susceptible to permanent stains. As a result, regular cleaning is a must for this type of stone. However, you should avoid cutting directly on marble as this will permanently damage the material. Solid surfacing is another option, which comes in a wide array of colors. Although it’s not heat-resistant, it’s easy to maintain and can look great. For more details visit

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