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Aluminum fencing is a great addition to your yard. Not only does it protect you from intruders and wild animals, but it also gives your yard a nice look. Many aluminum fences come with a weather resistant coating that helps keep your fence looking good for years. This makes them easy to maintain. They are also durable and will not chip or crack like a wooden or iron fence. If you are not sure how to install an aluminum fence, you may want to hire a fencing expert.

There are several different styles and grades of aluminum fencing. The style you choose will depend on the property you’re planning to install it on. Some styles are straight across, while others are staggered. You will also need to decide on the color and finish of the aluminum fence you’re interested in. Typically, you can purchase pre-assembled panels. However, you can also have your custom aluminum fence designed to fit your needs.

Commercial grade aluminum fences are used in restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, swimming pools, and other businesses. Their larger dimensions and thicker walls provide extra strength to the fence. These types of aluminum fences are more expensive than residential aluminum fences. Nevertheless, they can still be affordable and are highly durable.

Industrial grade aluminum fences are even heavier. They are also used for large businesses. For commercial grade aluminum fences, you’ll have a few more choices for the design and color. You can get a matte or metallic version, depending on what you prefer.

If you’re trying to find an aluminum fence for a swimming pool or hot tub, you’ll probably need to install one that is at least 150 linear feet long. In order to do this, you’ll need to use 24 six-foot high standard posts and a 4-foot high gate. Using this fence, you can protect your pool area from intruders, or keep larger pets in your yard.

The most popular color for ornamental aluminum fence is black. Although black is an attractive option, it has less contrast than other colors. Dark bronze is another popular color. This color blends better with wooded areas and landscape beds. It is a more traditional color and matches earth tone colors in today’s housing market.

Spear top designs are another popular style for aluminum fencing. These are usually more ornate than the standard gates. Traditionally, spears have pointed heads, but you can choose from a number of different styles. Depending on the look you’re going for, you might consider flat tops, alternating pickets, or spear tops with flat tops.

There are also puppy pickets, which are more than double the amount of pickets that would be found in a 1-1/2” space. You’ll find puppy pickets in heights of up to 18”. Puppy pickets are also more expensive, though.

Another popular aluminum fence is the cantilever gate. Often, this is used when there is not enough room for a swinging gate. When you use cantilever gates, you slide the gate from one side of the fence out across the opening.

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